For a faster and more efficient e-mail marketing, SEND MAİL MARKETİNG offers advanced and responsive modules developed for all user needs. The system is integrated for better results when sending the right e-mail to the right people.

Send Mail Marketing

The system grades all the users by evaluating the responsive acts of their receivers.

Send Mail Marketing

Learn the exact time of your e-mails’ openings and increase your opening rates by sending at the very best time to each and every receiver individually.

Send Mail Marketing

With detailed after-campaign analyses, locational data are provided both on a map and a list, showing the numbers of e-mails opened, click-throughs and more from every location the e-mails are received.

Classify your subscribers by their personal info or interests

It is easy to establish sub-lists according to the profiles and interests of the subscribers. This will increase the effectiveness.Choose a criterion for the new list and the system will automatically add matching accounts.

By a simple copy-paste or uploading an Excel file, the transfer of contacts to the system is as easy as it could be. SEND MAİL MARKETİNG saves you time for all actions and provides convenience for e-mail marketing campaigns.

Send Mail Marketing
Send Mail Marketing Send Mail Marketing Send Mail Marketing
Send Mail Marketing

Automatize The Customer Loyalty With Triggers!

Develop new ideas to grow your business, save time. Take control with triggers.

  • Make deliveries on a preset time or periodically.
  • Create preset campaigns according to the interests of people.
  • You decide the time.
  • Send welcome messages
Send Mail Marketing Send Mail Marketing

Explore SEND MAİL MARKETİNG and go beyond e-mail marketing!

With years of experience and development, SEND MAİL MARKETİNG offers an easy-to-use platform for e-mail marketing. If you have an enterprise and want to expand with the best return on investment marketing method, now try INBOX and go beyond e-mail marketing.

Send Mail Marketing


SEND MAİL MARKETİNG offers an exclusive platform for the management for all your data and campaigns over a simple interface. It is a self-service platform; however, you can turn to us for help at any stage of your experience, from designing a newsletter to deliverability.

  • The creation of the first template
  • HTML cut and optimization
  • Live tracking of the campaigns
  • Personalized applications for the organization of campaigns
Send Mail Marketing

SEND MAİL MARKETİNG has a dedicated team that monitor deliverability 7/24. Also, it provides free solutions on deliverability thorough the hotline.

SEND MAİL MARKETİNG offers worldwide standard at deliverability guarantee with its experience of sending more than 250 million emails monthly.

Send Mail Marketing

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Powerful automation for marketers

Send personalized, scripted and fruitful email marketing campaigns! Use our powerful infrastructure for high send mail marketing rates.

Send Mail Marketing
Personalized campaigns are the key for better email marketing
Without targeting an audience for campaigns, the returns would only be minimized. If you choose a target audience for your campaigns and realize them on a personalized basis, your campaign success increases significantly.
Use smart subjects and pre-headers
Subject lines and pre-headers are the parts your subscribers first see when they receive an email from you. So, they are where your campaign start. 7 out of 10 receivers decide if an email is spam by looking at the subject and sender parts. If you use an aggressive, non-relevant language for sales, most subscribers will think you as a spammer. You need to start marketing with a powerful and smart subject, then put a simple but catchy explanation on the pre-header part.
Improve your email marketing performance on 10 steps
Email marketing is not just sending bulk emails. It is the most cost-effective marketing effort. It offers detailed reports and keeps you in contact with your subscribers all the time. Also, email marketing is trackable; so, it gives you tips to improve your marketing performance constantly. Although you may be getting great returns on your investment in email marketing, there is always a room for improvement.
About permission-based marketing
Email marketing is a permission-based marketing method. That means, any user can send emails to verified email addresses from which the user has already got a permission for sending emails in the future. Any user should comply with the rules and regulations of permission-based marketing; otherwise, s/he can and will face with legal responsibilities. If you haven’t gotten permission from your contacts, please do so before you start sending campaigns to them. As a service provider, INBOX accepts no liability in this regard.
Send Mail Marketing Send Mail Marketing